Shape the future of Australian horticulture

Hort Innovation has appointed Strategic Investment Advisory Panels (SIAPs) to provide strategic investment advice in relation to the research and development activities funded by industry levies and contributions from the Australian Government.

The SIAPs are guided by the strategic priorities set out in the each industry’s Strategic Investment Plan.

More information on SIAPs is available on this page, and for details of the SIAP for your levy industry, please visit the industry page at the ‘For growers’ section of Hort Innovation’s website.

Summary of SIAP chairs

The selection process for SIAP chairs is now complete. Candidates selected by the Hort Innovation Board reflect a broad range of horticulture and agriculture experience, as well as solid foundations in executive appointments and former chairing roles.

Each chair will receive their industry allocation and complete a comprehensive induction program. Following the completion of the program, the chairs will become fully operational in overseeing the smooth running of their SIAP portfolios.

A full list of chairs and a summary of their experience can be found here.

If you have any questions about the chairs or the appointment process, please contact your industry’s Relationship Manager.

More about the Strategic Investment Advisory Panels

The skills-based SIAPs are being appointed in phases and will be comprised of industry supply chain stakeholders, a majority of whom will be levy paying growers. Geographic and sectoral diversity will be considered in forming the panels.

Each SIAP has clearly defined objectives associated with the provision of strategic investment advice and is guided by the strategic priorities set out in the SIP for that particular industry.

The SIAPs will meet face-to-face at least twice yearly, however requirements may vary depending on the needs of the industry investment program. SIAPs in the first phase commenced operation on 1 January 2016.

SIAP members are entitled to claim sitting fees and reasonable expenses incurred in attending meetings.

SIAP membership will be structured with ‘terms of service’ for members to allow for a balance of continuity and member refreshment.

Hort Innovation sources and appoints chairs for each SIAP. The scope of the chair’s role is confined to the effective conduct of SIAP meetings ensuring good governance and process around discussions. Terms of Reference reflecting this are under development. A full record of proceedings in each meeting will be taken using an appropriate professional services organisation.

In addition to the SIAPs, in some industries it will also be appropriate for complementary advisory processes to be established. The precise nature of these will reflect the investment for the industry, its complexity and size. This may include tenders, program reviews and specific technical advice.