Find information on Hort Innovation's AGM 2017

The Horticulture Innovation Australia (Hort Innovation) Annual General Meeting has concluded for another year

Many thanks to all the growers, members and industry stakeholders who contributed to this year’s highlights for the company and horticulture as a whole.

Two of the three resolutions voted on were passed and the company’s Constitution has been amended to reflect those changes.

Hort Innovation is the grower-owned Research and Development Corporation for the Australian horticulture industry.

Growers are our most important stakeholders and we encourage you to continue to be involved with the company.

Hort Innovation AGM 2017 – Meeting outcomes:

Resolution one was to change the composition of the Director Nomination Committee to add a levy payer. This was supported by the Hort Innovation Board, and more than 98 per cent of votes saw the change pass.

Resolution two was to adjust the composition of the Board to five elected directors and four appointed directors. This was supported by the Hort Innovation Board, and more than 99 per cent of the votes were in favour of the change, leading to it being implemented.

Resolution three was to change the voting rights of members to one member, one vote, rather than votes being calculated on the amount of levy paid. This resolution was not passed as 18.5 per cent of voters voted in favour of the change and 80.55 per cent voted against it.

The Hort Innovation Constitution has been amended and is available here.

A media release, including information on the Board appointment of Dr Mary Corbett can be found here.

A webinar for members to catch the action of the meeting proceedings is available here.