Become the avocado industry representative to attend trade events managed by Hort Innovation

Hort Innovation is calling on Australian avocado levy payers, people working for avocado levy paying businesses or those involved in the avocado industry to become the industry representative at trade events managed by Hort Innovation. If you believe you are an ideal candidate for this role, we would love to hear from you and ask you to apply by submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI).

Your role as the industry representative is to attend trade shows and provide advice to buyers, generate leads develop and business relationships on behalf of the industry and commercial exporting companies.

You will represent the avocado industry and levy payers in key Asian markets to help build:

  • Awareness of Australian avocados
  • Networks and relationships with individuals, companies, local governments and in-market Australian Government representatives
  • Market intelligence and export learnings.

Requirements of the role

You will attend Asia Fruit Logistica in Hong Kong, September 2017, and Fruit and Vegetable Fair in Beijing, November 2017. You will participate in all trade-related events coordinated by Hort Innovation including (but not limited to) market insights tours; business matching and networking sessions; and manage the avocado booth during the indicative trade show dates and times outlined below:

  • Asia Fruit Logistica: September 6 to 8, 2017: 10am to 5pm daily
  • Fruit and Vegetable Fair: November 3 to 5, 2017: 9.30am to 5pm daily.

You will need to be able to travel and arrive one to two days before each event and in some instances, stay one day after the event and be available outside of trade show hours if necessary.

At the conclusion of each event you will need to develop a post-event evaluation report; including an overview of activities undertaken; market insight information gathered, and a list of the leads and relationships developed which will be disseminated to levy payers and industry by Hort Innovation. Hort Innovation will also undertake a post-evaluation survey that you will to need to complete on the last day of each event or immediately after, including a quantification estimate of the leads that have been generated.

How to express your interest

As part of the EOI process, you will need to provide your proposal using the EOI form on this page. Your proposal must address all criteria listed below. If you have other relevant information that you believe will assist Hort Innovation to make a decision in your favour, please provide details in the relevant section of the form.

Your proposal must demonstrate your relevant experience, skills and attributes by addressing the selection criteria:

  1. Experience in, and understanding of the Australian avocado industry
  2. Experience representing the Australian avocado industry with a focus on industry outcomes rather than individual commercial outcomes
  3. Demonstrated capacity to work in a collegiate manner with Hort Innovation
  4. Understanding of the Asian and Middle Eastern markets, in particular, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and China along with understanding of potential opportunities and challenges for the Australian avocado industry or experience or involvement with an export group
  5. Motivation to participate as Australian avocado industry representative as part of a mission led by Hort Innovation.

Your current resume is required and can be uploaded in the form.

You are responsible for preparing and lodging your nomination with the information requested. You are responsible for all costs of preparing and lodging the nomination; these include the costs of attending presentations and/or meetings with Hort Innovation during the evaluation and selection period.

Your response should address the five criteria outlined above; evidence to support you are an Australian avocado levy payer; a person working for a levy paying business or from the avocado industry; evidence of a current passport with at least six months’ validity; and a declaration of any conflicts of interest.

More information and questions

If you have any questions relating to the EOI, they must be directed to the contact officer:
Astrid Hughes
Relationship Manger
Hort Innovation

Direct: 07 3198 6751
Mobile: 0405 303 334

Please do not contact other representatives of Hort Innovation in relation to this EOI unless otherwise advised by the contact officer. If Hort Innovation is unable to easily and quickly answer your question on the phone, we may ask you submit it by email.

Hort Innovation may share the answer to your question with other respondents. We do this to be fair to all respondents and only when the information clarifies an aspect of this EOI. We will not share any confidential and personal information about you or your proposal.

Lodging your proposal

Your proposal must be submitted by using the online form on this page before the closing date and time.

Closing date and time: 2pm (AEST), Friday 14 July 2017

If your proposal is received after the closing time, it may not be considered. Acceptance of late proposals is at the absolute discretion of Hort Innovation and late proposals will only be accepted if we are satisfied that the acceptance of a late proposal does not compromise the integrity of the EOI process or is unfair to the other respondents.

Notification of appointment

All applications will be assessed by a selection panel. The successful applicant will be notified on Friday July 28, 2017.

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Provide details about your understanding of the Asian and Middle Eastern markets, in particular, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and China along with your understanding of potential opportunities and challenges for the Australian avocado industry or your experience or involvement with an export group*

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