Working to give fruit fly the flick

Horticulture Innovation Australia (Hort Innovation) is working with a host of the nations’ top researchers, government agencies and growers to better manage fruit fly to increase trade market access and limit fruit wastage.


Each year, fruit fly is estimated to cost the horticulture industry more than $300 million in lost markets. Fruit fly can impact the industry by damaging produce in the field, leading to yield losses, and by affecting crops post-harvest, impacting produce for international and domestic markets.

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Fruit Fly Fund co-investment projects

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The process

Hort Innovation is continually seeking new investment opportunities. Ideas can be submitted at any time on Hort Innovation’s website using the concept form. The form allows Hort Innovation to understand your basic concept, with a big-picture view of the aims and outcomes rather than detailed methodology. This approach aims to protect, as far as possible, IP associated with innovative ideas, whilst capturing opportunities that can be shaped into full proposals should there be an identified alignment between the concept and strategy that guides investment in the Asian Markets Fund.

The investment analysis process involves filtering and potentially combining concepts for procurement. Once approval has been granted for investment in a concept, a Request for Proposal will be prepared, asking delivery partners (open or select, depending on size and scope) to provide a detailed submission that address key criteria. All responses will then be evaluated against the key criteria before the investment is contracted.

Do you have a concept you’d like us to consider for our Strategic Co-investment Fund Pool?
If you are interested in co-investing with Hort Innovation, your concepts are welcome and can be submitted for:

  • Asian Markets Fund
  • Green Cities Fund
  • Health, Nutrition and Food Safety Fund
  • Leadership Fund
  • Pollination Fund.

Hort Innovation’s co-investment calculator

More information

Dan Ryan
SITplus Program Director

T 02 8295 2385
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Brenda Kranz
R&D Manager

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Featured Fruit Fly Fund co-investment projects

Establishment of the sterile Queensland Fruit Fly facility

Project Code: HG14035

Start Date: July, 2015

End Date: December, 2018

Service Provider: Primary Industries and Regions SA

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Construction of a purpose-built, $3.7 million sterile Queensland Fruit Fly (Qfly) facility in Port Augusta, South Australia, is tracking on time and on budget with flies expected to be available for release in 2018. Prior to building the centre,...
Dietary sterilisation of male Queensland Fruit Fly
Larval diets for high-productivity mass-rearing