VegNet contacts by state

VegNet contacts by state

Hort Innovation and VegNET – Your link to innovation!

VegNET has been set up by Hort Innovation and the vegetable industry to effectively communicate vitally important research-based information to Australian vegetable growers.

It may surprise you to know just how much information has been produced by current and already completed vegetable R&D projects:

  • The Australian vegetable industry and Hort Innovation has funded 235 separate research or development projects over the past 10 years
  • There are more than 600 R&D outputs currently available on the AUSVEG InfoVeg website (, as well as relevant outputs from other horticultural industries, R&D from the private sector and international scientific literature
  • A recent review of vegetable industry extension materials identified and reviewed nearly 300 extension resources including facts sheets, ute guides, books, CDs and DVDs, websites and posters.

How it works?

Regional projects: The lifeblood of VegNET flows from 10 regionally-based extension projects. The regional extension projects and the leaders’ contact details are listed below.


Region Industry development officer Email 
Bowen Gumlu and FNQ Cherry Emerick
Wide Bay Burnett Bree Grima
Michelle Haase
Lockyer Valley Pat Salter
NSW Bill Dixon 
Leigh James
Matthew Plunkett
Western Australia Truyen Vo
Samantha Grubisa
Northern Territory Greg Owens
Samantha Tocknell
South Australia Hannah McArdle
Tasmania Emma Egan
East Gippsland Shayne Hyman
Victoria  – Northern, Western and South Eastern Carl Larson (South-Eastern region)
Clinton Muller (Western region)
Ken Orr (Northern region)


 This project has been funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited using the vegetable levy and funds from the Australian Government. For more information about the project nationally, the AHR website.
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