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New, ongoing and recently completed projects

New and ongoing R&D projects

Read about some of the new and ongoing projects for the citrus industry. The latest updates for these can be found at Hortlink Spring.

Development of national strategies to manage citrus gall wasp

Project Code: CT15006

Status: Ongoing project

Read more at Hortlink Spring

Citrus gall wasp is a major and widespread pest in citrus. Established in 2015, this project is developing national management strategies for the wasp based on: enhanced biological control; better timing of control actions, through investigation of the relationship between weather and the wasp’s development (the development of ‘degree-day’/phenology models); improved use of oil and other potential repellents.

Development of phenology models and a timing guide for the management of Californian red scale in Australian citrus
Australian Citrus Quality Standards – stage 3
Increasing market access, profitability and sustainability through integrated approaches to fungal disease control
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Other R&D projects of note

Current marketing activity

Information on current marketing activity can be found on the citrus page at Hortlink Spring.

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Strategic Investment Planning process for the citrus industry is almost complete



If you would like to submit comments, please view the draft and then use the comment form. You have until Friday, March 3, 2017 to get in any final feedback.

If you'd rather speak to a real person, you can ring Hort Innovation's citrus Relationship Manager, Brad Wells on 0412 528 398.

Thank you to all the growers who have contributed their time and their ideas so far. If you haven't had a chance to get involved yet, then now's the time!

Your industry Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) lays the foundation for decision making in levy investments and represents a balanced view of stakeholders in your industry. If you’d like to read more about the SIP process, visit the SIP Portal.

See below for the completed consultation events and agendas on the citrus SIP.

Completed consultation workshops

Industry Location Timing
Citrus Leeton, NSW May 13 and 14, 2016
Citrus Leeton, NSW September 14, 2016
Citrus Perth/Swan Valley, WA October 11, 2016
Citrus Melbourne, VIC October 19, 2016
Citrus Griffith, NSW November 15, 2016
Citrus Sunraysia, VIC December 8, 2016
Citrus Riverland, SA December 9, 2016
Citrus Gayndah, QLD December 16, 2016
Citrus Teleconference November 20, 2016

Strategic Investment Advisory Panel


The Strategic Investment Advisory Panel for the citrus industry has been appointed. For further information, please refer to the media release and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Panel members

Name Organisation Location

SIAP meetings and summaries

Meeting Number Date Location Summary

Find details on the Strategic Investment Plan at the bottom of this page.

Financial statements and summaries of project expenditure

Resources and downloads, NSW


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