With the melon R&D levy established at the beginning of 2017, learn about the levy investment process below.


The R&D levy for the melon industry was introduced on January 1 this year. Melon producers who sell more than 20 tonnes of fruit by retail sale each financial year will pay 0.4 cents per kilo towards the levy, with the Australian Government also contributing funds.

What the melon levy will achieve

Hort Innovation will be responsible for investing the levy dollars and government contributions into R&D projects to improve growers’ productivity and profitability, and to ensure the long-term sustainability of the industry.

For all levy industries, investment decisions are made in consultation with industry. Hort Innovation’s industry Strategic Investment Advisory Panels (SIAPs) have been established for this purpose.

What is a SIAP?

Hort Innovation is currently in the process of appointing the melon SIAP. Updates on the process can be found on the melon grower page, where details of the panellists will also be available, when announced.

The melon SIAP’s key function will be to provide transparent and robust strategic investment advice to Hort Innovation – helping guide the way the industry levy and Australian Government contributions are put to use.

The SIAP will be made up of panellists from the melon industry, with most panellists being levy-paying growers. Appointments are being made based on skills criteria and considering geographic and sectorial diversity.

A first order of business for the SIAP

As part of the its initial activity, the melon SIAP will discuss the process for developing the melon industry Strategic Investment Plan (SIP). This process will involve strong input from growers and other melon industry stakeholders.

The completed SIP will be a document used like a ‘roadmap’ by the melon SIAP when providing advice to Hort Innovation on potential levy investments. It will outline industry priorities and the core industry outcomes that are required by melon levy investments, and will represent the balanced interests of the melon industry.

The industry’s SIP will underpin all R&D investment decisions made by Hort Innovation in regards to the melon levy.

How will investment ideas get to the SIAP?

Anyone will be welcome to submit an idea for a potential industry project. To submit an idea, use Hort Innovation’s Concept Proposal Form here.

To learn more about the innovation process at Hort Innovation, see here.

Any questions?

Hort Innovation Relationship Management Lead Will Gordon is available to answer your questions on 0427 920 924 or at

As the levy program progresses, Hort Innovation’s melon grower page will also be a useful destination. It will ultimately provide summaries of SIAP meetings, updates on the SIP and, as available, details on R&D investments, relevant industry resources, contacts and other updates.

For more information on the levy itself, visit the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources website.

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