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See how the custard apple levy is being put to work! Scroll down to learn about Hort Innovation’s current investment of the industry levy, and results, in the R&D and marketing snapshots – or click on a project below to go straight to its update:


Along with Hortlink, don’t forget that Hort Innovation’s custard apple grower page is an important source of industry info for levy payers. On it you’ll find:

  • The new Custard Apple Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) for 2017-2021, with an easy-to-read ‘at a glance’ version and the full PDF document. The SIP was finalised in April after close consultation with growers and other industry stakeholders. It outlines priorities for strategic investment in the industry, and will be used like a ‘roadmap’ by the custard apple Strategic Investment Advisory Panel (SIAP) when providing advice to Hort Innovation on potential levy investments.
  • The latest meeting notes from the custard apple SIAP, which most recently met on February 23 in Brisbane, and is due to meet again via teleconference at the conclusion of the current season.
  • Current financial documents regarding your levy, including the July 2016 to March 2017 financial operating statement, and expenditure summaries for R&D and marketing projects.
  • Grower resources, events and articles of interest to the industry.

Any questions?

As well as the custard apple grower page, Hort Innovation Relationship Manager Astrid Hughes is always available to answer questions on the custard apple program, on 0405 306 334 or at For questions relating specifically to the industry’s marketing, contact Hort Innovation Marketing Manager Craig Perring.



Custard apple communication and extension program (CU16001)

Status: Ongoing project

What’s it all about? This program supports industry awareness and uptake of R&D outcomes and other relevant knowledge, through field days/roadshows in each of the country’s growing regions. These events will bring to growers information on fruit quality, orchard management and post-harvest systems and practices; support growers in adding value to their businesses; and keep all stakeholders up to date with the latest issues relevant to the custard apple industry.

What’s the latest update? With a series of events held over March and April, the next lot of activity is to be scheduled for around October. Details will be provided in industry channels when available, and you can also contact Patti Stacey from Custard Apples Australia, at, for information.

Custard Apple Dispatch System 2 – CADS 2 (CU15000)

Status: Ongoing project

What’s it all about? The Custard Apple Dispatch System (CADS) allows registered growers to generate and transmit dispatch advices electronically, and wholesalers and exporters to enter and transmit payback prices electronically. It also allows for reporting at grower and industry levels. The CADS 2 project, which began in 2016, is responsible for upgrading the system and continuing its administration.

What’s the latest update? The CADS is accessible via with an allocated username and password. Last year the system’s dispatch and payback forms were redeveloped, allowing operation on both desktop computers and tablet devices, using any internet browser.

Custard apple industry minor use program (CU16000)

Status: Ongoing project

What’s it all about? Through this project, levy funds and Australian Government contributions are used to renew and apply for new minor use permits for the custard apple industry. These submissions are prepared and submitted to the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).

The minor use program is also supported by the project Generation of residue, efficacy and crop safety data for pesticide applications in horticulture crops 2017 (ST16006) which, as the name suggests, is responsible for generating data to support a range of permit applications for a range of industries. Project ST16006 uses grant funds from the Australian Government’s Agvet program, which you can read more about here, plus some levy contributions.

What’s the latest update? All current minor use permits for the industry are searchable at Permit updates are also circulated in Hort Innovation’s Growing Innovation e-newsletter, which levy-paying members receive monthly. Not a member? Sign up for free here.



Following a warm summer and a burst of rain in March, this season custard apples have been at their prime, with growers reporting bumper crops and delicious fruit now available in stores. Hort Innovation’s marketing activities to help drive interest and sales include…

Social media

Throughout the season, the consumer-facing Custard Apples Facebook page is regularly posting insights on how to eat, store and make delicious dishes with Australian custard apples.

Monthly social media calendars have been developed, with two posts per week happening from mid-March to mid-July, using beautiful images, plus infographics and content developed by influencers and media.

Facebook advertising will also be used to deliver key campaign messages and helpful tips to consumers, in an engaging and consistent way. Over the coming months it is expected custard apple content will reach some 350,000 people, and grow the number of ‘fans’ of the Facebook page significantly.

Public relations

A seasonal media release has been distributed to media, highlighting the season and some of the uses and health benefits of the fruit. Look for updates in future editions of Hortlink.

The Sydney Royal Easter Show

Running from April 6 to 19, the Sydney Royal Easter Show was a great opportunity to showcase custard apples, with 922,000 people attending the event (a 20 per cent increase from the previous year, and the highest since 2004).

As part of the tropical fruits exhibit, Aussie custard apples enjoyed a busy position in the Woolworths Pavilion – the busiest pavilion at the show. Ambassadors in industry uniforms handed out 19,800 samples and 40,000 brochures/recipe leaflets. Feedback from showgoers was very positive, with many experiencing the taste of custard apple for the first time and walking away with a healthy appreciation of the fruit.

Custard apple and persimmon and passionfruit at Easter ShowThe Sydney Royal Easter Show

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