With the R&D levy for the melon industry introduced at the beginning of 2017, the last edition of Hortlink provided a broad overview of the levy and the investment process. You can revisit this information here.

Some updates since the time of last reporting…


The melon Strategic Investment Advisory Panel (SIAP)

Following a call for applications and a thorough selection process, the melon SIAP is soon to be announced. Details of the panellists, and a chair for the panel, will be made available on Hort Innovation’s melon grower page during June.

The SIAP’s key function will be to provide transparent and robust strategic investment advice to Hort Innovation – helping guide the way the industry levy and Australian Government contributions are put to use.

There are already a number of concepts and investment opportunities to be considered by the SIAP when the panel is formed. If you would like to submit your own idea for a potential industry project, use Hort Innovation’s Concept Proposal Form here.

The industry Strategic Investment Plan (SIP)

Hort Innovation is also soon to commence a consultation process with melon growers and other industry stakeholders, to develop a strong melon SIP. Details of consultation events will be included on the melon grower page and distributed through industry channels.

If you’re not already a member of Hort Innovation, you can sign up for free at to receive industry-specific alerts, including around the SIP. If you’re an existing member and would like to add ‘melon’ to the list of nominated industries you participate in and receive info about, contact your Relationship Manager (find details here). You can also email the Hort Innovation team at, being sure to include your full name and the other horticulture industries you participate in.

When finalised, the SIP will be used like a ‘roadmap’ by the melon SIAP when providing advice to Hort Innovation on potential levy investments. It will outline industry priorities and the core industry outcomes that are required by melon levy investments, and will represent the balanced interests of the melon industry.

Your Relationship Manager at Hort Innovation

Sam Turner has been appointed as the melon industry’s Relationship Manager at Hort Innovation. He can be reached on 0418 164 717 or at if you have any questions, or would like to discuss anything related to the melon program.

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