See how the persimmon levy is being put to work! Scroll down to learn about Hort Innovation’s current investment of the industry levy, and results, in the R&D and marketing snapshots – or click on a project below to go straight to its update:


Along with Hortlink, don’t forget that Hort Innovation’s persimmon grower page is an important source of industry info for levy payers. On it you’ll find:

  • The new Persimmon Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) for 2017-2021, with an easy-to-read ‘at a glance’ version and the full PDF document. The SIP was finalised in April after close consultation with growers and other industry stakeholders. It outlines priorities for strategic investment in the industry, and will be used like a ‘roadmap’ by the persimmon Strategic Investment Advisory Panel (SIAP) when providing advice to Hort Innovation on potential levy investments.
  • The latest meeting notes from the persimmon SIAP, which most recently met on March 3 in Sydney, and will convene again via teleconference at the conclusion of the season.
  • Current financial documents regarding your levy, including the July 2016 to March 2017 financial operating statement, and expenditure summaries for R&D and marketing projects.
  • Grower resources, events and articles of interest to the industry.

Any questions?

As well as the persimmon grower page, Hort Innovation Relationship Manager Astrid Hughes is always available to answer questions on the persimmon program on 0405 306 334 or at For questions relating specifically to the industry’s marketing, contact Hort Innovation Marketing Manager Monique Emmi.



Australian sweet persimmon industry development project – phase 4 (PR13007)

Status: Near-completed project

What’s it all about? Established in 2014 and now due for completion, this project has had a focus on developing new technologies and management strategies for the industry. It has had the major objectives of investigating pre- and post-harvest management of mealybug and clearwing moth, clonal rootstock propagation, identifying lead and fruit diseases, and finalising post-harvest management protocols.

What’s the latest update? With the project’s final report due to Hort Innovation shortly, it is expected a full project wrap-up will be provided in the next edition of Hortlink. To read the detailed project update from last edition, click here.

Hort Innovation is currently establishing a new project to carry on industry development activities, guided by recommendations to come out of the project itself, and the persimmon SIAP. Look for more details in future Hortlinks.

Persimmon industry extension and communication program (PR16001)

Status: Ongoing project

What’s it all about? Beginning earlier in 2017, this project is responsible for driving the awareness and adoption of R&D outcomes within the Australian persimmon industry. Its strong communication and extension initiatives are designed to keep growers and other industry stakeholders up-to-date with the latest research activity, marketing initiatives and other news and issues.

What’s the latest update? The outputs and responsibilities of the project continue to include:

  • Production of the bi-annual Persimmon Press e-newsletter
  • Management of the Persimmons Australia website,
  • Facilitation of industry field days and conferences, with the 2017 Australian Persimmon Industry Conference and Field Day being held across two days in the Sydney region, on June 14 and 15. For more information, see the Hort Innovation event calendar here.

Persimmon industry minor use program (PR16000)

Status: Ongoing project

What’s it all about? Through this project, levy funds and Australian Government contributions are used to renew and apply for new minor use permits for the persimmon industry. These submissions are prepared and submitted to the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).

The minor use program is also supported by the project Generation of residue, efficacy and crop safety data for pesticide applications in horticulture crops 2017 (ST16006) which, as the name suggests, is responsible for generating data to support a range of permit applications for a range of industries. Project ST16006 uses grant funds from the Australian Government’s Agvet program, which you can read more about here, plus some levy contributions.

What’s the latest update? All current minor use permits for the industry are searchable at Permit updates are also circulated in Hort Innovation’s Growing Innovation e-newsletter, which levy-paying members receive monthly. Not a member? Sign up for free here.



Hort Innovation is responsible for industry marketing activities to grow awareness and consumption of Australian persimmons. Using the persimmon marketing levy, recent efforts have included…

Public relations and media activity

With the help of popular nutritionist Lyndi Cohen (‘The Nude Nutritionist’), Hort Innovation has developed content for and circulated a media kit that includes a health-focused fact sheet and media release quoting Lyndi talking to the Autumnal health properties of persimmons.

Lyndi has also created four easy-to-replicate recipes heroing persimmons for media consumption, with the information rolled out in two phases (the latest of which occurred in the second week of May). Lyndi has also been talking about persimmons and presenting these recipes in her own channels.

Off the back of the first phase, at the start of May there had been 39 pieces of media coverage relating to persimmons, including three recipes featured on 9Kitchen.

Persimmon - Nude Nutritionist Instagram

An example of Lyndi Cohen showcasing persimmon in her social media channels (above) and persimmon recipe coverage on 9Kitchen (below)

Persimmon - 9 Kitchen

Social media

A small social media campaign is rolling out across the Persimmons Australia Facebook page ( and Instagram account (@persimmonsaustralia). These channels are actively engaging bloggers, media, influencers and persimmon lovers. The key persimmon content messages for this activity are seasonality, serving suggestions and health benefits.

The Sydney Royal Easter Show

Running from April 6 to 19, over 922,000 people attended the Sydney Royal Easter Show, which gave persimmons great exposure. As part of a tropical fruit exhibit in the Woolworths Fresh Pavillion, persimmon ambassadors handed out a total of 17,500 persimmon samples and 40,000 persimmon recipe brochures. And with an estimated 75 per cent of show attendees walking past the persimmon stand at some point, many more people saw the industry’s logo and associated imagery. In particular, the height and colours of the stand meant that it could be seen by most people entering the pavilion, drawing consumers over and raising awareness of persimmons.

Persimmon - Easter Show

Persimmons at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

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