The pistachio collective industry fund (CIF) was established at the end of 2016. The CIF essentially brings together financial contributions from the pistachio industry – collected as a voluntary levy – and allows access to Australian Government contributions, for the investment in R&D projects for the benefit of the Australian pistachio industry.

The pistachio industry has set producer contributions to the CIF at a base rate of $0.02 per kilogram of product.


What the CIF will achieve

Hort Innovation will be responsible for investing the pistachio industry’s contributions and government funds into R&D projects to improve growers’ productivity and profitability, and to ensure the long-term sustainability of the industry.

All investment decisions will be made in close consultation with industry, just as they are with industries that pay a statutory levy. Hort Innovation has industry-specific Strategic Investment Advisory Panels (SIAPs) established for this purpose.

What is a SIAP?

The pistachio SIAP was appointed in February 2017, with the eight panellists selected according to skills-based criteria and considering geographic and sectorial diversity. The panel also has a chair who, along with all SIAP panellists, is listed on Hort Innovation’s pistachio grower page.

The SIAP’s key function is to provide transparent and robust strategic investment advice to Hort Innovation – helping guide the way the industry contributions and Australian Government funds are put to use.

What guides the pistachio SIAP’s advice?

A Strategic Investment Plan was produced by the pistachio industry in consultation with growers, through the Pistachio Growers’ Association in January 2016. Hort Innovation is currently reviewing this plan and will seek additional consultation with industry prior to finalisation.

Outlining the industry’s objectives, investment priorities and key strategies, this document will be used like a ‘roadmap’ by the pistachio SIAP when providing advice to Hort Innovation on fund investments. In this way, the Strategic Investment Plan will underpin all R&D investments made by Hort Innovation within the CIF.

What has the SIAP advised on so far?

The SIAP first convened on February 7 in Loxton, South Australia. Notes from this and all future SIAP meetings are made available on the pistachio grower page.

Based on the first SIAP meeting, Hort Innovation is currently progressing two survey-focused project ideas relating to two of the pistachio industry’s investment priorities: fungi and insects.

When projects are established, Hort Innovation’s quarterly Hortlink publication will provide updates and relevant resources related to them.

How do investment ideas get to the SIAP?

Anyone is welcome to submit an idea for a potential industry project. To submit an idea, use Hort Innovation’s Concept Proposal Form here.

To learn more about the innovation process at Hort Innovation, click here.

Any questions?

Corrine Jasper is the pistachio industry’s Relationship Manager at Hort Innovation and is always happy to chat with growers and other industry stakeholders. She can be reached on 0439 433 885 or at corrine.jasper@horticulture.com.au.

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