See how the melon levy is being put to work! Scroll down to learn about Hort Innovation’s current investment of the industry levy in the R&D snapshot below.

All projects are funded by Hort Innovation using the melon R&D levy and contributions from the Australian Government.


Don’t forget to check out the Melon Fund Annual Report

Released at the start of November, Hort Innovation’s brief Melon Fund Annual Report sums up information on the Fund from 2016/17 – and includes a quick overview on how the Fund works. You can download a copy here, or head to Hort Innovation’s Annual Report Portal to place an order for a free hard copy of the report.

What research do you want to see?

As always, Hort Innovation encourages all growers and industry participants to share their thoughts and ideas for the research they want to see – whether that’s within the industry-specific Melon Fund (where research is funded by grower levies and Australian Government contributions), or within Hort Innovation’s strategic partnership initiative, Hort Frontiers (where research is funded through partnerships with co-investors).

Watch this video to see how ideas are collected and grown into projects, then submit your suggestions for new projects here.

Get closer to your investments with free membership

Hort Innovation membership brings you closer to the investment activities and results in your levy fund, and to the organisation as a whole. As well as providing the opportunity for voting rights at the company’s Annual General Meeting, membership helps you connect with your industry’s Relationship Manager, sends Hortlink straight to your inbox for first-look access, provides exclusive Grower Intel alerts with industry-specific news and opportunities, and more.

Paying a levy doesn’t automatically make you a member, so read more here and sign up now!

Find resources on the Hort Innovation Melon Fund page…

Along with Hortlink, Hort Innovation’s webpage for melon levy payers is a handy source of info. On it you’ll find:

  • Opportunities to get involved in consultation around the Melon Strategic Investment Plan (SIP). The SIP will outline priorities for strategic investment in the industry industry, and will be used like a ‘roadmap’ by the Strategic Investment Advisory Panel (SIAP) when providing advice to Hort Innovation on potential levy investments. At the time of writing, a consultation schedule was being finalised.
  • The latest meeting notes from the melon SIAP, which most recently met in Sydney in June 2017, and is due to convene again during January 2018.
  • Current financial documents regarding your levy, including operating statements and expenditure summaries for any projects
  • Grower resources, events and articles of interest to the industry.
Any questions?

Sam Turner is the melon industry’s Relationship Manager at Hort Innovation. He can be reached on 0418 164 717 or at if you have any questions, or would like to discuss anything related to the Melon Fund.



The first levy-funded project for the Melon Fund is now underway. It follows on from previous industry development work that was funded by voluntary industry contributions, prior to the establishment of the industry levy.

Melon industry development and communication (VM17001)

Status: New project

Key research provider: Dianne Fullelove

What’s it all about? Contracted by Hort Innovation in November, this new levy investment is designed to support Australian melon growers in adopting improved practices on-farm and keeping up-to-date with the latest industry information, resources and technologies.

To this end, it now funds the position of dedicated industry development manager Dianne Fullelove.

What’s the latest update? The industry development manager’s role is a broad one, with all activities geared towards improving the circulation and uptake of information within the industry.

Core communication channels that will continue to be produced and maintained by the project include…

  • Monthly Melon Enews e-newsletters, with past editions available here
  • The industry’s quarterly hard-copy newsletter, Melon News
  • The Australian Melon Association website, with the industry area holding news, information and resources for growers
  • Fact sheets, as needed.

The project also involves face-to-face events for the industry, with the industry development manager running a program of grower technical meetings throughout each year. Meetings are advertised in industry communication channels, and related resources – including presentations from the meetings – are made available on the industry website here.

As well, the project will help facilitate industry conferences and field days, with the 2018 Australian Melon Industry Conference & Field Days to be held in North Queensland in September 2018. Find more information here.

The industry development manager’s role also includes working closely with researchers and government agencies to support the sharing of information, maintain industry plans, foster collaboration between research projects and more.


Industry development manager Dianne Fullelove can be reached at or on 0413 101 646

If you haven’t already, subscribe to Melon Enews here and contact Dianne at to be added to the list for the hard-copy Melon News newsletter.

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