Read on for an overview of how the Hort Innovation Pyrethrum Fund works, and the value it will deliver to the industry. You can also jump straight to an update on investments for the industry here.


Pyrethrum Fund recap

The pyrethrum collective industry fund (CIF), now known as the Hort Innovation Pyrethrum Fund, was established at the end of 2016. It brings together financial contributions from the pyrethrum industry – collected as a voluntary levy – and allows access to Australian Government contributions.

The pyrethrum industry has set contributions to the CIF at 2.5 per cent of gross value production.

Making investments in the Pyrethrum Fund

Hort Innovation is responsible for strategically investing the pyrethrum levy contributions and government funds into R&D projects to improve industry productivity and profitability, and to ensure the long-term sustainability of the pyrethrum industry.

All investment decisions are made in close consultation with industry, and Hort Innovation has an industry-specific Strategic Investment Advisory Panel (SIAP) established for this purpose.

The pyrethrum SIAP

As with all of Hort Innovation’s industry funds, the pyrethrum industry has a SIAP, with panellists selected according to skills-based criteria and considering geographic and sectorial diversity. The panel also has a chair.

The SIAP’s key function is to provide strategic investment advice to Hort Innovation – helping guide the way industry contributions and Australian Government funds are put to use.

What guides the pyrethrum SIAP’s advice?

When providing advice to Hort Innovation on potential levy investments, the SIAP’s guiding document will be an industry-specific Strategic Investment Plan (SIP). This document will outline key investment outcomes and strategies, and ensure all investment decisions align with industry priorities. At the time of writing, the SIP was still in development.


There Pyrethrum Fund’s first project was established in September 2017, following advice from the pyrethrum SIAP.

Integrated disease management in pyrethrum (PY16000) will be a three-year project, facilitated by the University of Tasmania. With an increasing number of foliar and flower diseases placing constraints on pyrethrum production – reducing yields and the lifespan of crops – and fungicide resistance a rising cost and risk, the work will aid pyrethrum growers in minimising these issues. It will involve research into the key pathogens that affect pyrethrum, the timing of their influence, and their susceptibility to fungicides.

This information will then be used to help growers optimise the number and timing of fungicide applications, and the research team will look at combining this with efforts to increase host resistance and reduce pathogen carryover between seasons. Ultimately, the project will help the industry decrease its reliance on fungicides – reducing economic and environmental costs of production – while increasing pyrethrin yields.

Have an idea for a Pyrethrum Fund project?

All industry participants are welcome and encouraged to submit ideas for potential industry projects. To submit an idea, use Hort Innovation’s Concept Proposal Form here. You can also watch this video to learn more about how the collection of ideas and evolution into fully fledged projects works.

As well as ideas for industry-specific projects funded by industry and government contributions, you can submit suggestions for research and initiatives within Hort Innovation’s strategic partnership initiative, Hort Frontiers. Hort Frontiers projects are funded through partnerships with co-investors and are carried out for the benefit of horticulture as a whole. Learn more about Hort Frontiers here.


Sign up to our membership program for free here. Becoming a member will keep you in closer contact with developments in the Pyrethrum Fund. Members have Hortlink sent straight to their inbox each quarter for an update on all investments, plus receive Grower Intel alerts about industry consultation events, notices and other updates as needed, and a monthly Growing Innovation newsletter with the latest horticulture-wide news from Hort Innovation.

Members and horticulture levy payers (as well as industry representative bodies) also have free access to Hort Innovation final reports, produced at the end of each project.


John Vatikiotis is the pyrethrum industry’s Relationship Manager at Hort Innovation and is always happy to chat with growers and other industry stakeholders. He can be reached on 0429 022 637 or at if you have any questions, or would like to discuss anything related to the Pyrethrum Fund.

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