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Hort Innovation produces a wide range of resources on behalf of horticulture levy industries. To provide growers and other stakeholders with access to these resources, we are in the process of implementing a resource centre.

Currently, there are a range of resources available – this will continue to increase. You can search for them on this page – filter by levy industry and category.

If you are a delivery partner, head to the Delivery partner portal on this site where there are resources to assist you with producing materials for your projects.

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Integrated Pest and Disease Management Manual for Persimmon – Edition 2
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Date: 11/12/2017

Levy Industry: Persimmon

The second edition (December 2017) of the Integrated Pest and Disease Management Manual for Persimmon aims to develop and present an integrated pest and disease package for Australian persimmon growers based on the current state of knowledge. The Persimmon industry is established from the semi-tropical far north of Queensland to...
Management of root-knot and nematode in vegetable crops
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Persimmon Postharvest Manual – Edition 2
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Australian vegetable-growing industry survey 2016/17 – Part 1
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Latest on vegetable imports – update 2016
R&D Insights – September 2017
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Hort Innovation logo package
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Onions Australia E-newsletter June 2017
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Video: Australian cherry evaluation utilising precocious rootstocks
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Dried Fruits Australia Member e-News Vol 9 Issue 18
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