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Hort Innovation produces a wide range of resources on behalf of horticulture levy industries. To provide growers and other stakeholders with access to these resources, we are in the process of implementing a resource centre.

Currently, there are a range of resources available – this will continue to increase. You can search for them on this page below – filter by levy industry and category.

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Macadamia industry interim benchmark report 2009 to 2016
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Date: 19/04/2017

Levy Industry: Macadamia

This report summarises macadamia farm yield and quality results for the 2009 to 2016 production seasons. Many of the yield benchmarks presented are based on tonnes of saleable kernel per bearing hectare as this is a widely accepted measure of orchard productivity. Results are divided into the following sections:...
Onion Annual Report 2015/16
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Aussie Apples ‘Get Your Crunch On’ TVC
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March Mushroom Industry Update
Your Levy At Work e-newsletter March 2017
Cherry newsletter – March 2017
Project management: guides and templates
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February Mushroom Industry Update
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Managing Carpophilus beetle in almonds
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Anhydrous ammonia for vegetable crops
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