Collecting innovation concepts and making them a reality

Hort Innovation invests more than $100 million each year into initiatives and programs that provide benefit to Australian horticulture growers, the wider horticulture sector and the community. Each investment starts with an idea – and we’d love for you to share yours.

How the whole process works

Watch this short video for an overview of how ideas blossom into projects at Hort Innovation:


In a nutshell…

1. Ideas are submitted to Hort Innovation via the Concept Proposal Form here.

2. Ideas that are in line with strategic investment priorities go to the relevant advisory panels for advice. The panels include Strategic Investment Advisory Panels for levy investments, Expert Advisory Panels for Hort Frontiers funds, and various Trade Advisory Panels. You can learn more about the consultation process at Hort Innovation here.

3. Advice from the advisory panels is used by Hort Innovation to work the ideas into project proposals.

4. Project proposals are distributed and made public to potential delivery partners for response. Current opportunities are listed here.

5. Responses are assessed often with the assistance of industry, and the best delivery partner for the work is chosen.

6. Contracts are issued and the work begins.


What investments do you want to see?

Hort Innovation encourages all growers and industry participants to share their thoughts and ideas for the research and other investments they want to see – and it’s as simple as using our online Concept Proposal Form.

Submit an innovation concept now!  Concept Proposal Form