We strive for better results for growers by focusing on three priorities

R&D that has a positive short-term and long-term impact

First, we help to set the right short-term and long-term R&D priorities. Then, we ensure that the right information is on the table. We invite the best people and organisations into the room. We listen to their ideas and opinions. And we work them to broker the best solutions and outcomes for growers and horticulture.

Two of our main R&D priorities are food safety – the handling, preparation, and storage of food in ways that prevent foodborne illness – and ensuring that Australian horticulture does what’s required to remain and become more globally competitive.

Innovation sits at the heart of R&D that seeks to make big gains. The investment decisions we make are deliberate, considered and evidence-based. At the same time we are investing in opportunity, and so we have an appetite for taking the necessary risks that this entails.

Our role is to drive the needs of industry and the capabilities of science.

Marketing that grows industries

Hort Innovation is the marketing arm for Australian horticulture.

We invest $18 million in marketing campaigns annually that get people to: buy more fruit, vegetables and plants; eat them more often; grow them more often; and enjoy them more often than other food alternatives.

We develop the strategy and work with industry and communication partners to create and implement campaigns across all mediums and digital channels.

Building Australian competitiveness

Australian horticulture stands for taste, quality, clean, green, proximity, and premium produce. It is a value proposition that cannot be beaten.

Australian growers have a long standing reputation for producing some of the best fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables in the world. So, when it comes to the export market, we have an opportunity to export premium, quality fresh food — produce that the whole world can trust.

Hort Innovation works closely with Australian horticulture growers to develop export opportunities and build markets overseas where consumers recognise, value and appreciate quality, premium products. We do this across all of our marketing efforts, at trade events, in trade conversations, in trade negotiations and export initiatives.

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