27 May, 2016

Call for Board position applications: Horticulture Innovation Australia

In the lead up to its second Annual General Meeting (AGM) in November, Horticulture Innovation Australia has five Director roles opening up on its Board, and it is calling for applications from growers, and others with an interest in the future of the nation’s horticulture industry.

The not-for-profit organisation is charged with investing more than $100 million in research and development (R&D) and marketing programs annually and is funded by levies, Commonwealth Government matching funds for R&D, and external co-investment funds.

This year, the organisation’s Constitution requires that five Directors retire from the Board.

Horticulture Innovation Australia Deputy Chairman and Chair of the 2016 Director Nomination Committee* Mark Napper said the call for Directors is about encouraging growers and the wider Australian horticulture industry to be involved in the future direction of the organisation.

“Currently on the Horticulture Innovation Australia Board, we have directors with more than 200 years’ combined experience in all facets of the industry including growing, marketing, exporting and agriscience,” he said.

“They all have one thing in common; they have a drive to increase the productivity, farm gate profitability and global competitiveness of Australian horticulture industries, while ensuring consumers enjoy healthy, quality products.

“If this sounds like you, I recommend you look at the application pack and consider applying.”

Following the conclusion of the advertisement and search processes, the Director Nomination Committee will meet in late-July to agree on a shortlist of candidates for interviews, then interviews will be held in August.

Grower members are encouraged to vote for directors at the AGM in November. More details on this process, including the need to verify levies paid, will be available via member email and on the Horticulture Innovation Australia website in the coming months. To become a member of the organisation, and be eligible to vote at the AGM, phone (02) 8295 2307 or email us.

For the full advertisement and application pack, go to the Horticulture Innovation Australia website and submit all applications to Rimfire Resources by close of business, Monday, June 27. For more information, contact Mick Hay or Sharon Moloney at Rimfire Resources on (07) 3878 3411.

*The committee responsible for the nomination of director candidates for election / appointment.




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