Help grow the future of Australian horticulture

This is an opportunity to invest your skill, experience and time as a Director in the company that is growing innovation for Australian horticulture, now and into the future.

Hort Innovation’s Board is made up of skills-based Directors who have experience across the horticulture industry to oversee the operations of the grower owned company. Hort Innovation’s Constitution requires five of our nine Directors to retire in 2016.

Applications are now open for Director positions on the Horticulture Innovation Australia Board.

All applications must meet the criteria outlined below and be submitted online to Rimfire Resources before 5pm on Monday 27 June 2016.


Invest in Innovation

All Directors must possess the following four directorship skills:

  • Experience in the application of corporate governance principles in the context of a commercial enterprise, not-for-profit enterprise or other regulated entity
  • Strong finance and risk skills, including fundamental financial statements, essential quantitative information and critical analysis of investment performance
  • Business management and administration in a senior executive or management role for a minimum of five years
  • Australian agricultural industry experience as an owner, employee or consultant, or in the context of respected research or education pertaining to the agricultural sector.


Skill and relevant experience

It is a requirement that all Directors possess a minimum of five of the following specific skills:

  • Research and development
  • Innovation
  • FMCG marketing
  • Communications
  • Australian horticultural commodity production
  • Market access and international/Asian markets
  • Strategy
  • Executive leadership & culture
  • Stakeholder management
  • Australian public policy.


Application process

If you are interested in applying as a Director on the Horticulture Innovation Australia Board, you must:

  1. Download the Director Application Pack (see link below)
  2. Download and complete the Board Skills Matrix 2016 with Self-assessment Response Template (see link below)
  3. Apply online to Rimfire Resources at

Your application must include:

  • A short cover letter outlining the skills and experience you bring to the Board
  • A full resume detailing work history, relevant experience and qualifications
  • Your full contact details
  • The Board Skills Matrix Self-assessment.

Director Application Pack (PDF download)

Board Skills Matrix 2016 with Self-assessment Response Template (Word document download to your computer)