You may notice some changes to our logo and the way we refer to some parts of our company

At Hort Innovation, it’s important for us to reach and impact as many Australian growers as possible, and to strengthen the work we do for the grower community via healthy connections to media (and the industry and public they help inform), as well as the research community, delivery partners, government bodies and commercial entities we work with.

Vital for these connections is the ability to develop a strong and cohesive company profile that communicates the often complicated models our work operates within in simple and effective ways. In 2017, we aim to continue extending our outreach to increasingly wider audiences, and to attract the very best in the world of research and development to strengthen the Australian horticulture sector. It is integral to this development that we are communicating the way our company works and the great things it does in ways that speak to these varying audiences, and particularly to those who are learning about the company for the first time.

Our company brand and identity (the way we refer to and visually present the various facets of our company) is an important part of this. In November 2014, Horticulture Innovation Australia was officially born. We’ve come a long way on our journey, and we think it’s time to reflect the maturity of the organisation by further solidifying our reputation and profile by evolving our existing company identity. The way the company operates will remain the same – but the way we refer to and visually represent it will undergo some small, but important, changes.

“Hort Innovation” is the name most of you have already come to know our company as – that’s why we have now modified our core logo to reflect this. From now on, we will refer to the organisation only as Hort Innovation. To retain the recognition we’ve garnered in our visual identity, the look and feel of our logo will remain the same.




The work we do at Hort Innovation is essentially divided into two funding models that have become known as “Pool 1” (our levy-funded investments) and, more recently, “Pool 2” (strategic co-investments). This language speaks to the logistics of our funding models, but can be inaccessible to those who are unfamiliar with them.

For our co-investment work, it is important we establish an identity that helps attract the best partners from around the world – including branching out from traditional research entities to include large commercial partners – to create projects that address the biggest challenges facing the future of Australian horticulture. “Pool 2” will now be known as the Hort Frontiers strategic partnership initiative, and will now also have its own visual identity (see example below). The individual funds within this initiative (for example, the Green Cities Fund or Pollination Fund) will remain the same.



Alongside this, to better communicate our core work of the levy investments we make on behalf of over 40 Australian horticulture sectors, we will now be referring to “Pool 1” as strategic levy investments. Within this model, we will simply refer to individual funds in respect to the sector each services – for example, the Citrus Fund or Avocado Fund (see example below). Strengthening the recognition of individual sector funds in this way provides an important foundation for another of the company’s goals moving forward: to communicate to our growers in increasingly targeted ways, better accommodating the differing needs of our growers in respect to the individual sectors they are a part of. Communications regarding our strategic levy investments will now sit under the banner of these funds as per the example below.



It may seem simple, but communicating and generating awareness of the work Hort Innovation does, as well as making it easier for everyone to engage and understand it, is vital to its success and adoption. We look forward to continuing to create and manage R&D and marketing programs that help growers increase their productivity and profitability, supported by an even stronger company identity.