Working to give fruit fly the flick

The Fruit Fly Fund, part of the Hort Frontiers strategic partnership initiative, aims to control the fruit fly populations that impact on the productivity of the Australian horticulture industry.

It has been estimated that Fruit Flies cost the horticulture industry more than $300 million annually in lost international or domestic markets. Research in the Fruit Fly Fund is focused on enhancing existing in-field control measures, looking for new post disinfestation technologies, and developing and implementing sterile insect technology.

This includes the ground-breaking $45 million SITplus (Sterile Insect Technique plus) partnership. The SITplus program aims to deliver an integrated solution to the management of Qfly and involves a consortium of research organisations.


Featured Fruit Fly Fund co-investment projects

Larval diets for high-productivity mass-rearing

Project Code: HG13045

Service Provider: Macquarie University

High quality, reliable, and cost-effective larval diets are a core requirement of any SIT program. A need has been identified to develop new approaches to larval diets. This project under the Hort Frontiers Fruit Fly Fund, part of the... Read more
Establishment of the sterile Queensland Fruit Fly facility
Dietary sterilisation of male Queensland Fruit Fly
Medfly Eradication from Carnarvon Using AWM and SIT
Area-wide integrated pest management using the SIT technique

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The process

Do you have a concept you’d like us to consider for Hort Frontiers strategic partnership initiative?

Hort Innovation is continually seeking new investment opportunities. Ideas can be submitted at any time on Hort Innovation’s website using the concept form. The form allows Hort Innovation to understand your basic concept, with a big-picture view of the aims and outcomes rather than detailed methodology. This approach aims to protect, as far as possible, IP associated with innovative ideas, whilst capturing opportunities that can be shaped into full proposals should there be an identified alignment between the concept and strategy that guides investment in the Fund.

The investment analysis process involves filtering and potentially combining concepts for procurement. Once approval has been granted for investment in a concept, a Request for Proposal will be prepared, asking delivery partners (open or select, depending on size and scope) to provide a detailed submission that address key criteria. All responses will then be evaluated against the key criteria before the investment is contracted.

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