Delivering safe, nutritious and healthy produce

The Health, Nutrition & Food Safety Fund aims to support consumer confidence by developing novel products, technologies and processes for high quality, safe and nutritious produce and value-added food derived from fruit, vegetables and nuts.

Food safety and nutrition have never been bigger priorities for consumers and growers. The Health, Nutrition & Food Safety Fund aims to give growers the tools they need to keep up with technological advancements in these key areas, and work with top researchers to develop new, never-before-seen technology in this space. It focuses on four priority areas: the value chain, consumer behaviour, innovation and adoption.


Health, Nutrition & Food Safety Fund projects

Electrifying New Technology for Sanitisation

Project Code: HN15000

Service Provider: NSW Department of Industry, Skills and Regional Development

Contamination of fruits, vegetables and nuts can be a significant challenge for the horticulture industry and can negatively affect the management and maintenance of a ‘clean, green and safe’ reputation, both in the domestic and export markets. Despite the... Read more
Naturally Nutritious

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The process

Do you have a concept you’d like us to consider for Hort Frontiers strategic partnership initiative?

Hort Innovation is continually seeking new investment opportunities. Ideas can be submitted at any time on Hort Innovation’s website using the concept form. The form allows Hort Innovation to understand your basic concept, with a big-picture view of the aims and outcomes rather than detailed methodology. This approach aims to protect, as far as possible, IP associated with innovative ideas, whilst capturing opportunities that can be shaped into full proposals should there be an identified alignment between the concept and strategy that guides investment in the Fund.

The investment analysis process involves filtering and potentially combining concepts for procurement. Once approval has been granted for investment in a concept, a Request for Proposal will be prepared, asking delivery partners (open or select, depending on size and scope) to provide a detailed submission that address key criteria. All responses will then be evaluated against the key criteria before the investment is contracted. To make sure your idea is the kind we’re looking for, please read the Strategic Intent Document prior to submitting your concept.


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More information

Sharyn Casey
Business Development Manager

T 02 8295 2379
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Dr Roxanne Portolesi
R&D Manager

T 03 9691 3533
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Expert Advisory Panel

About the panel

The function of the Health, Nutrition & Food Safety Fund Expert Advisory Panel is to provide expert advice and oversight of the relevant fund, including providing input into proposed projects/research and recommendations on potential methods to address future gaps or deficiencies in the existing body of research. The panels will provide impartial assessment and commercially relevant scrutiny of research proposals, fostering external confidence in Hort Innovation’s ability to rigorously assess, and provide evidence and merit-based recommendations to the Board.

Panel members

Name Organisation Location
Barry McGookin Food Innovation Australia
Geoffrey Annison Australian Food & Grocery Council
Richard Bennett Produce Marketing Association
Veronica Graham Food Systems & Nutrition, Department of Health & Human Services
Tim Archibald Hort Innovation
Andrew Francey One Harvest