Area-wide integrated pest management using the SIT technique

Area-Wide Management of Queensland Fruit Fly

The Adaptive Area-Wide Management (AWM) of Queensland fruit fly (Qfly) using Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture & Water Resources as part of its Rural R&D for Profit program, managed by Hort Innovation and the research delivered by CSIRO. Supporting partners include; QUT, Agriculture  Victoria, NSW DPI, PIRSA, SARDI, Wine Australia and BioFly.

This project was conducted over three years and was designed to support the eventual deployment of SIT by providing advice on a comprehensive Area-Wide approach to Qfly management, into which SIT could be introduced. The large and interdisciplinary team have explored Area-Wide management of Qfly from a social, biophysical and economic perspective, with extensive on-the-ground engagement. The project has focused on study regions in Victoria and South Australia, however results are applicable across other regions experiencing challenges with management of Qfly.  . So if you want to know how AWM will best work in your region, visit the guidelines website developed from the project. These are the very first guidelines for conducting or bolstering an AWM approach to insect pest management, and are underpinned by science.

The project has a large team of researchers contributing to this work; Hazel Parry, Anthony Clarke, Stuart Whitten, Aditi Mankad, Tim Capon, John Kandulu, Rieks van Klinken, Barton Loechel, Penny Measham, Katharina Merkel, Justine Murray, Nancy Schellhorn, Florian Schwarzmueller, Mia Tam and Sorada Tapsuwan. Others who have directly contributed their scientific or technical expertise include Jeff Connor, Shannon Close, Peter Crisp, Tony Filippi, Andrew Hulthen, Gal Jacobi, Anna Marcora, Mona Moradi Vajargah, Olivia Reynolds, Dan Ryan, Roger Vargas and David Williams.

The research was expertly guided by a steering committee, made up of members spanning federal government, local government, industry and regional groups, and SITplus. Our thanks for their significant time and input go to; Steve Burdette, Scott Coupland, Tammy Galvin, Peter Hall, Sharon Harvey,Karen Hensgen, Craig Hull, Brenda Kranz, Trevor Norton, Kathy Ophelkeller, Maurizio Rocchetti, Dan Ryan, Merran Socha and Adam Upton.

Others that have provided advice and support include; Darryl Barbour, Doug Brown, Deidre Jaensch, Bronwyn Koll, Ross Abberfield, Cathy Mansfield, Rosa Crnov, Leigh Pilkington, Polychronis Rempoulakis, Joelene Williams, Michael Tempini, Vince DeMaria, Hugh Jackson, Tim Jones, Russell Fox, Jason Size, Lauren DonaldsonGary D’Arcy, Tim Grieger, Chris Byrne, Jeff Scott, Gabrielle Vivian-Smith, Adrian Loschiavo, Muriel Schulz, John Argiro, Chris Lloyd, Colin Bain, Dan Papacek

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