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New, ongoing and recently completed projects

Recently completed R&D projects

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Pollination as a controlling factor in almond yield

Project Code: AL14004

Status: Completed project

Read more in Hortlink 2017, edition 3


This research was designed to answer important questions about constraints to nut production, and how they interact with pollination. However, all the experiments conducted in the study strongly indicated that increasing pollination rates will increase yield, without compromising quality.

The recommendations for growers from the research work is that maximising flower production is the foundation for boosting nut production under current pollination practices. Even though there may appear to be ‘surplus’ flowers, the data shows that on average spurs with more flowers make more fruit. Orchard management strategies that decrease self-shading will lead to greater nut production when combined with ample pollination. The researchers found that high light availability to spurs increased the conversion of pollinated flowers into fruit, even though it did not increase flower number.

Australian Almond Industry – Liaison and Extension Project

New and ongoing R&D projects

Information on current R&D projects can be found below, with specific project updates and outputs available in Hortlink 2017, edition 4.

Identifying factors that influence spur productivity in almond

Project Code: AL14005

Status: Ongoing project

Read more in Hortlink 2017, edition 4

Established in 2015, this project is being conducted as part of a coordinated research program into boosting almond productivity and profitability.

Because spurs bear the vast majority of fruit (nuts) on almond varieties used in Australia, spur population dynamics are of interest in understanding yield fluctuations and trying to maintain high yields from season to season. To this end, this project is investigating the behaviour of fruiting spurs of Nonpareil and Carmel almond cultivars, and is looking at the effects of environmental and management factors including tree architecture, light interception, irrigation and nutrition.

Almond productivity: Tree architecture and development of new growing systems
Advanced processing of almonds
Australian almond industry innovation and adoption program
Australian almond variety evaluation and commercialisation program and Development of high health status mother planting for new Australian almond varieties
Management of Carpophilus beetle in almonds
Better tree performance and water use efficiency through root system resilience
Managing almond production in a variable and changing climate
Australian almond industry conferences and field days 2017-2021
Almond industry statistics and data collection 2017-2019
Australian almond industry communications program
Almond minor use permit program

Marketing activity

Information on current marketing projects can be found on the almond page of Hortlink 2017, edition 4.

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Almond Strategic Investment Plan 2017-2021

Almond SIP at a glance

Almond SIP

The almond Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) will help guide Hort Innovation’s oversight and management of investment programs for the almond industry over the next five years. It lays the foundation for decision-making in levy investments and represents the balanced interests of the industry. The very important function of the SIP is to ensure levy investment decisions align with industry priorities.

The SIP was developed through a process of consultation, drafting, validation, stakeholder feedback as well as final approval by Hort Innovation’s Board. The process involved consultation meetings (detailed below) and online validation, giving almond growers opportunity to provide input and feedback.

If you have any questions about the development process of the SIP, please contact Hort Innovation's almond Relationship Manager, Corrine Jasper, by phone on 07 3198 6759 or at

Completed consultation workshops

Industry Location Timing
Almond Mildura, VIC June 14, 2016
Almond Melbourne, VIC November 18, 2016
Almond Glenelg, SA February 10, 2017
Almond Loxton, SA March, 22, 2017
Almond Loxton, SA August 9, 2017
Almond Teleconference January 12, 2018

Strategic Investment Advisory Panel

The Strategic Investment Advisory Panel for the almond industry has been appointed. For further information, please refer to the media release and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Strategic Investment Advisory Panel

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SIAP meetings and summaries

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