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New, ongoing and recently completed projects

Recently completed R&D projects

Read about recently completed projects for the summerfruit industry below, and in more detail in the relevant Hortlink.

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Increased stone fruit profitability by consistently meeting market expectations

Project Code: SF12003

Status: Completed project

Read more in Hortlink 2017, edition 4

Established in 2012, this project has been responsible for the establishment and maintenance of a world-class summerfruit field research facility: the Stonefruit Field Laboratory at DEDJTR-Tatura in Victoria.

The field laboratory has the broad objective to evaluate how orchard management (crop load, radiation interception, rootstock and irrigation) affects fruit quality and its variability (including sweetness, firmness and maturity) in selected varieties of peach, nectarine, plum and apricot.

Australian Stonefruit Grower Magazine 2016

New and ongoing R&D projects

Information on current R&D projects for the summerfruit industry can be found below, with specific project updates and outputs available in Hortlink 2017, edition 4.

Summerfruit export strategy

Project Code: SF17001

Status: Ongoing project

Read more in Hortlink 2017, edition 4

Contracted by Hort Innovation in late October, this short new project aims to build and extend the Australian summerfruit industry’s export success in suitable global markets. It will develop an export strategy detailing priority markets for summerfruit export and the route-to-market for each of these markets, to help deliver sustainable trade growth for the industry.

National biosecurity plan for the summerfruit industry
Rootstock and training system to optimise early stone fruit bearing and growth
Selecting and releasing to industry high quality fresh and dried Australian apricots for export and domestic markets
Comparing stonefruit ripening, quality and volatile composition
China market readiness and entry
Summerfruit industry minor use program
Summerfruit communications strategy development
Horticulture trade intelligence reporting 2017-2019
SITplus: Developing and optimising production of a male-only, temperature-sensitive-lethal, strain of Qfly, B. tryoni

Marketing activity

Information on recent marketing activity can be found on the summerfruit page of Hortlink 2017, edition 4.

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Summerfruit Strategic Investment Plan 2017-2021

 Summerfruit SIP at a glance

 Summerfruit SIP

The summerfruit Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) will help guide Hort Innovation’s oversight and management of investment programs for the summerfruit industry over the next five years. It lays the foundation for decision-making in levy investments and represents the balanced interests of the industry. The very important function of the SIP is to ensure levy investment decisions align with industry priorities.

The SIP was developed through a process of consultation, drafting, validation, stakeholder feedback as well as final approval by Hort Innovation’s Board. The process involved consultation meetings (detailed below) and online validation, giving summerfruit growers opportunity to provide input and feedback.

If you have any questions about the development process of the SIP, please contact Hort Innovation's summerfruit Relationship Manager, Mark Spees by phone on 0 439 574 173 or by email.

Completed consultation workshops

Industry Location Timing
Summerfruit Teleconference February 22, 2016
Summerfruit Teleconference May 5, 2016
Summerfruit Perth, WA July 25, 2016
Summerfruit Melbourne, VIC August 5, 2016
Summerfruit Teleconference February 14, 2017

Strategic Investment Advisory Panel


The Strategic Investment Advisory Panel for the summerfruit industry has been appointed. For further information, please refer to the media release and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Panel members

Name Organisation Location

SIAP meetings and summaries

Meeting Number Date Location Summary

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Dianne Phan
Marketing Manager

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Industry representative body: Summerfruit Australia Limited

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