Growing Innovation: Issue 8, June 1, 2016

Onions go undercover

Hort Innovation last week launched the Australian Onions ‘Secret Serve’ campaign aimed at helping parents give their kids an extra serve of vegetable – without them knowing.

Australians already love onions, but the campaign aims to encourage parents and meal preparers to include onions in even more meals by inspiring them with new ways to serve the vegetable and accustom kids to their taste.

The national initiative focus’ on the creative use of onions in everyday meals and includes family friendly recipes, tips and tricks for storing and preparing onions, as well as recipe cards and in-store cooking demonstrations.

Hort Innovation’s Marketing Lead, Graeme Yardy, said this is the first marketing campaign for the onion industry and the first industry in the vegetable sector to introduce a marketing levy.

“Our aim is to give parents reasons to serve their children onions, and then recipes and tips to help them execute this. We are showing them how to add onions into family favourite recipes.

“Australian children aren’t consuming nearly enough vegetables. Onions can help – they are a versatile, delicious and nutritious vegetable you can add to any meal without the kids even knowing,” he said.

“The Secret Serve campaign is designed to drive onion consumption by positioning onions as a reliable, hassle free serve option for children, with recipes and tips to educate and inform grocery buyers.”

The recipe booklet will feature in-store during demonstrations and on Australian Onions’ new Secret Serve website.

As part of the campaign roll out, the onion industry has partnered with the mushroom industry to bring their in-store cooking demonstrations to 470 Woolworths, Coles, and independent supermarket and green grocer stores across Australia. Spaghetti Bolognese will be on the menu and shoppers will be able to sample the recipe showcasing how easy it is to sneak a serving of each into every meal.

The campaign launched in-store with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Saturday 28 May at Get Fresh in Findon, South Australia.


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