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List the outcomes for the Australian horticulture sector. It is important that the outcomes are able to be quantified and measured.
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Project methodology*

Describe the method that will be used to investigate the problem or opportunity.
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Describe the Principle Researcher/Lead Organisation’s experience in this field including related research and publications.
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Key resources*

Describe the resources required for this project (300 words max) including the amount and source of co-funding. Differentiate cash from in-kind noting that in-kind cannot be matched. Include details on total project budget listing the key cost items/activities associated with the project. For each activity provide justification of the cost (include equipment unit costs and salary as FTE etc).
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Value to industry*

Describe your estimation of the worth of the investment outcomes to industry. Please explain how you arrived at this estimate including the economic, environmental or social benefits.
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Delivering to industry*

Will the project deliver outcomes adoption-ready, or will additional R, D&E will be required? Please provide a summary of “What’s Next” if applicable.
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If other outputs need to be developed to enable delivery of the innovation to industry, estimate the time and cost that might be involved to the point of market release.
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Who will use this innovation? Outline the consultation you have had with potential users and if any further consultation is planned with industry. E.g. any levy paying growers, growers groups, peak industry body, industry associations, pack houses, supply chain members or research community.
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Industry adoption*

What is the expected industry adoption? Provide details of the target audience for adoption of the outcomes. What are the specific adoption targets e.g. region targeted, percentage of audience expected to implement the new technology etc? List the strategies for adoption including timeframe? What are the critical success factors or impediments to adoption?
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Agreement from other parties*

If you require collaboration from other parties to complete this project, please describe what you need, the parties involved and whether you have obtained agreement in principle for their collaboration (ie via sub-contracting).
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