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Relationship Managers are your link to the latest R&D and marketing developments in your industry.

They are able to keep you updated with information from your industry’s levy investments and how outputs from these can help your business grow.

Relationship Managers for each industry are listed below. They are keen for a chat, so find out how they can support you.

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Bradley Mills

Hi, I’m Brad and I grew up on a citrus farm near Mildura. I enjoy bringing my horticultural knowledge and supporting the onion, berry, vegetable and tropical industries.

Industries: onion; papaya; passionfruit; raspberry and blackberry; strawberry

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Mobile: 0408 635 465
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Christian Patterson

G’day, I’m Christian and I support the vegetable industry. I’ve run my own business and worked in the fresh produce world. I relate to the daily challenges you all face and I’m now working in horticulture in a role where I can support you.

Industries: custard apple; lychee; persimmon; pineapple; potato fresh; potato processing; sweetpotato; vegetable (consumer alignment)

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Mobile: 0433 896 753
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Corrine Jasper

Hi, my name is Corrine. I am passionate about getting good outcomes from R&D that eventually result in higher returns for our growers. I look after the nut and tropical industries.

Industries: almond; avocado; banana; chestnut; macadamia; pistachio; mango

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Mobile: 0439 433 885
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John Vatikiotis

Hi, I am John and was drawn to the horticulture industry to support Australian farmers. I focus on the lifestyle and mushroom industries.

Industries: nursery; mushroom; turf

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Mobile: 0429 022 637
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Mark Spees

G’day, I’m Mark. I enjoy nothing more than talking with growers to work through their ideas on how to improve the temperate fruit industries through research, development, extension, marketing and trade projects. 

Industries: apple and pear; cherry; summerfruit

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Mobile: 0439 574 173
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Sam Turner

G’day, my name is Sam and I support the vegetable, melon and processing tomato industries. Having studied agriculture and with my extensive agricultural experience, I can’t wait to support you.

Industries: melon; processing tomato; vegetable (drive train)

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Mobile: 0418 164 717
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Will Gordon

Hi, I’m Will. I have a background in agriculture and love working with growers to understand what industry needs in order to improve profitability. I work with the olive, dried fruit and vegetable industries.

Industries: dried grape; dried tree fruit; olive; prune

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Mobile: 0427 920 924
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