Brand guide

The Hort Innovation brand guide is designed to reflect the organisation’s commitment to producing high quality R&D and marketing outcomes on behalf of Australia’s horticulture sector; and to help service providers produce consistent and effective project communication material.

Many Hort Innovation projects involve producing and disseminating material such as:

  • Publications (including books, newsletters, enewsletters, brochures, fact sheets)
  • Scientific papers
  • Workshop and field day signage
  • Conferences
  • Websites, webinars and videos
  • Milestone and final reports
  • Media releases.

The material must acknowledge the investment industry and contributions the Australian Government have made through use of the appropriate funding block, or logo and funding statement. The funding acknowledgements must be included in all material from Hort Innovation R&D projects. All milestone and final reports must also be completed according to the relevant Hort Innovation templates.


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