Dried grape – Best practice guide – Part 1

Pre-harvest to harvest

This part of the Best practice guide (a three-part guide) presents advice and guidance on the key decisions and optimum management practices required in the period from before harvest through to the delivery of fruit to the processors. It focuses on the three major components as follows:

  • Pre-harvest
  • Trellis drying
  • Harvest.

The guide outlines the current recommended best-practice in relation to key decision-making in the pre-harvest and harvest phase of dried grape production.

The information in this guide is based largely on industry knowledge and experience as well as a review by former Senior Research Scientist in Horticulture at DEPI Mildura Dr Karl Sommer of recent literature and research relating to dried grape production. It has been compiled with the assistance of a grower-based advisory committee.

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This project has been funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited using the dried grape industry levy and funds from the Australian Government.