Felix F-750 Produce Quality Meter – User guide for Australian mango growers

Consumer research identified that consumer satisfaction is closely aligned with sweetness of ripe mangoes measured as brix of the fruit flesh when ripe and to fruit dry matter (DM) at harvest. Once a mango is harvested, there is minimal change in its DM. The DM represents carbohydrate levels (starch and sugar) in the mango. It is an indicator of physiological ad harvest maturity. The DM of a hard green mango is well correlated with the brix of a ripe fruit and brix is a determinant of eating quality.

The DM% is the dried weight of a sample of mango flesh divided by the wet weight and multiplied by 100% to bring it to a percentage. Traditionally DM% is calculated by physically sampling a mango and comparing the weight of the flesh when sampled to that of the dry weight, once all of the water is removed from the flesh, using an oven or dehydrator.

The development of near infrared (NIR) technology to measure dry matter means that mangoes can be assessed for dry matter while still on the tree. This non-destructive sampling technique means that many mangoes can be sampled efficiently to minimise the chance of immature fruit being harvested.

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