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Hort Innovation produces a wide range of resources on behalf of horticulture levy industries. To provide growers and other stakeholders with access to these resources, we are in the process of implementing a resource centre.

Currently, there are a range of resources available – this will continue to increase. You can search for them on this page – filter by levy industry and category.

If you are a delivery partner, head to the Delivery partner portal on this site where there are resources to assist you with producing materials for your projects.

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Australian turf industry – Snapshot report 2016/17
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Date: 20/12/2017

Levy Industry: Turf

This snapshot report highlights industry aggregate and production benchmark statistics for the Australian turf industry. The project Turf Industry Research and Statistics 2016/17 (TU16001) is a strategic levy investment under the Hort Innovation Turf Fund. It was commissioned to address a fundamental gap in turf industry data and statistics. The Western Research...
Video: Positive early results in integrated pest management trials
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Hortlink 2017, Edition 4
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Hortlink 2017, Edition 3
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Hortlink 2017, Edition 2
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Hortlink 2017, Edition 1
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Integrated Pest and Disease Management Manual for Persimmon – Edition 2
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Nursery industry data tool
Management of root-knot and nematode in vegetable crops
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Persimmon Postharvest Manual – Edition 2
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