1 March, 2017

Townsville grower refuses to be held back by drought

Relentless drought in Townsville is not getting one turf farmer down, with the tough conditions driving him to secure a highly-sought-after $10,000 scholarship to help make business rain.

Lachlan Moncrieff is one of 22 horticulture growers across the country who recently began a 10-month Masterclass in Horticultural Business – which is being funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia and delivered by the University of Tasmania with world-leading agriculture university, Wageningen, in the Netherlands and New Zealand’s Lincoln University.

Mr Moncrieff said with the drought and hardship continuing in Townsville, he seized the opportunity to secure a scholarship to improve business.

“In Townsville, we’re going through adverse times and I wanted to do what I could to improve my business in a time when things are really tough,” he said. “Options to study horticulture are also limited in regional Australia, and the opportunity to undertake this Masterclass, together with the Horticulture Innovation Australia scholarship, is incomparable.”

Mr Moncrieff will explore topics such as Global Trends and International Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Business Development and Strategy through online coursework and face-to-face sessions.

He said networking and site study tours were aspects of the course that are highly appealing.

“It’s great to meet other farmers. I have no comprehension of how they operate – it blows your mind,” he said. “While it doesn’t feel it, Townsville is remote compared to capital cities. There are a lot of little issues such as freight. Being able to talk about that and share a few ideas with other course participants certainly helps.”

With a self-described ‘hunger for learning’, Mr Moncrieff is a known leader and innovator in the turf industry. He played an integral role in the negotiation of viable Turf Exemptions after the introduction of Water Restrictions in Townsville in 2015, and has spoken at Council meetings, workshops and Nursery & Garden Industry Queensland meetings.

With turf being a popular industry in Townsville, Mr Moncrieff has also carved out a point of difference to business competitors, becoming the town’s first soft-leaf buffalo grass grower and venturing into drought tolerant Zoysia grass production.
Mr Moncrieff said he enjoys sharing his learnings with industry members, and this scholarship will benefit fellow turf growers, his nursery and landscaping peers and supporting businesses.

Learn more about the Masterclass and Mr Moncrieff on Vimeo.




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