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Veggycation provides health professionals, parents/caregivers, teachers and educators with a wide range of information across health benefits and nutrition, serving sizes, ways to cook, prepare and store vegetables. For growers, the website includes harvesting, postharvest and storage information, as well as health claims.
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A new resource for vegetable growers on understand whole market price trends
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A new resource for vegetable growers on retail and attitudinal consumer insights
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Postharvest principles, product guides and summary table resources to assist Australian vegetable supply chain businesses
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Information to help vegetable growers protect crops and maintain healthy soil to improve long-term crop returns
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Reference guides to use in the field to identify pests, diseases and disorders for carrots, celery, parsley, sweet corn, sweetpotato, brassica vegetables and baby leaf crops
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Fact sheet: Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus
Information and download Download

Date: 17/09/2018

Levy Industry: Melon, Vegetable

Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus (CGMMV) is a tobamovirus that can infect cucurbit plants and is responsible for significant economic losses worldwide. There are several strains of CGMMV worldwide and the primary avenue for spread is through contaminated seed. This provides an infection route between countries and new uninfected cucurbit growing areas. CGMMV is a...
Managing the risk of redback spiders in broccoli crops
Information and download Download
Hortlink 2018, Edition 2
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Hortlink 2018, Edition 1
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Hortlink 2017, Edition 4
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Hortlink 2017, Edition 3
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Hortlink 2017, Edition 2
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Hortlink 2017, Edition 1
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Management of root-knot and nematode in vegetable crops
Information Download
Latest on vegetable imports – 2017
Information and view
Fruit, Vegetables and Diet Score report
Anhydrous ammonia for vegetable crops
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Postharvest guide: Eggplant
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Postharvest guide: Cucumber
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Postharvest guide: Celery
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Postharvest guide: Cauliflower
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Postharvest guide: Capsicum
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Postharvest guide: Cabbage
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Postharvest guide: Brussels sprouts
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Postharvest guide: Broccoli
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Postharvest guide: Beans
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Postharvest guide: Asian leafy vegetables
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Gummy stem blight on cucurbit transplants – Fact sheet
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Fruit fly management for vegetable growers
Anhydrous ammonia for vegetable crops
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Improved management options for cucumber green mottle mosaic virus
Information View online
Australian vegetable-growing farm businesses – economic survey, 2014-15 and 2015-16
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Breeding queen bees – video
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Hortlink Spring 2016
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Hortlink Autumn 2016
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Hortlink Winter 2016
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2016 Vegetable Grower Success Stories
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vegenotes 56
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vegenotes 55
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Vegetable industry communication program 2016-2019
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Pest management webinar
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Cost of Production Calculator
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Postharvest management of vegetables: Australian supply-chain handbook
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Leafy veg best practice guide
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Australia’s Free Trade Agreements
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Latest on Australia’s vegetable imports
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Australian Horticulture Statistics Handbook 2016/17
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