Citrus Marketing Program


In 2016, the citrus (oranges) marketing program will continue its focus on export promotions, in order to support the area that represents the largest return to the industry. This represents the third year the program has continued to invest approximately 80 per cent of levies in in-market retail focused activities through the Now In Season program. For the domestic market, a smaller percentage of levy investments will continue to be allocated to maintain support for the juice industry.

These areas of investment are in-line with the outputs from the Optimizing the use of the orange marketing levy workshop, facilitated by Hort Innovation and in consultation with industry back in 2014. The workshop was held with industry stakeholders with the main objective being to determine the optimal allocation of the orange marketing levy across activities for the best possible return on investment.


The year 2016 will set the foundations for Strategic Co-investments (Pool 2) to be used alongside industry levies in trade development and international competitiveness activities.

The program will continue to use marketing levies for promotional activities, including collateral development, season launches, PR and media campaigns, retail promotions and e-commerce, and in-bound and out-bound trade missions.

The citrus marketing program will also leverage opportunity to expand further, with the newly established Asian Markets Funds (derived from the Strategic Co-investment Pool 2 funding model).


These market activities aim to increase the demand and consumption of oranges, optimise the marketing levy return on investment and avoid spreading resources across a large number of activities, therefore diluting the impact of marketing investment.

To advance trade opportunities, strategic co-investments will be matched through Strategic Co-investment (Pool 2) funding and used to tackle cross-cutting scalable activities within value chain management, stakeholder engagement, brand testing and improving communications with retailers.

Project Details

Project Details

Project name: Citrus Marketing Program
Project number: CT13508

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Funding Statement

This project has been funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited using the Citrus levy and funds from the Australian Government.

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