Sweetpotato project


The project is run by the Australian Sweetpotato Growers Inc in association with the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. Not even half way through, this project has already demonstrated significant value to Australian sweetpotato growers, who have been engaged in the project since its inception.

This project had two major achievements during the 2014/15 season – not only were grower guides on management of sweetpotato-infecting viruses and planting bed management prepared, but the project achieved significant levels of attendance at industry targeted extension events.


The planting bed and virus management grower guides developed under this project are a valuable resource for both growers and researchers. Both guides are informative and easy to read and will no doubt be highly utilised reference tools for years to come.

Coupled with these guides have been extension events which have attracted more than 70% of sweetpotato growers in the past year, many attending multiple events.


This project has a dual focus on improvement of virus detection capability and planting bed management for the sweetpotato sector of the vegetable industry, both of which are vitally important for a vegetatively propagated crop.

Project Details

Project Details

Project name: Sweetpotato project
Project number: VG13004

Greg Murdoch

T 02 8295 2374
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Funding Statement

This project has been funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited using the Vegetable levy and funds from the Australian Government.

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