Turf Marketing Program


The 2014/15 turf marketing program is the first year of a three-year strategic marketing plan, designed to make turf more inspiring, practical and fun.


The key components of the plan focussed on public relations and social media.

Over the next three years, the program aims to reduce the percentage of people citing the perceived high price of turf as a barrier from 34% to 31% and the percentage of people citing the cost of maintaining from 21% to 15%.

The 2014/15 program has achieved more than 77 pieces of media coverage, nearly 11,000 fans on Facebook and 11 million opportunities for people to see or hear key messages about turf.


The plan aims to make information about turf more easily available, while strengthening Turf Australia’s position as the authority on lawns for influencers.

Objectives were developed from consumer research conducted in 2013 and will be measured at the end of the three-year program.

The objectives include:

  • Increase purchase incidence: increase the percentage of people who have purchased turf in the last five years from 46% to 51%
  • Communication awareness: increase the communication awareness for turf from 28% to 35%
  • Decrease perceived barriers: the two perceived barriers preventing people from buying turf are the high price and maintenance cost.

Project Details

Project Details

Project name: Turf Marketing Program
Project number: TU

Craig Perring

T 02 8295 2342
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Funding Statement

This project has been funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited using the Turf levy and funds from the Australian Government.

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