Consulting with growers and industry for advice on the best investment decisions

Hort Innovation consults with growers and industry to achieve the best outcomes for Australian horticulture industries.

Information and details on two consultation programs are available on this page:

  1. Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) portal providing information on the consultation and development process for individual levy industry SIPs
  2. Outcomes of the recent Levy Payer Workshops.

Strategic Investment Plan portal

Welcome to the Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) portal. Here can you find information on the SIP development process for your particular levy industry and regular updates on consultation activities. In the 2016 calendar year, Hort Innovation will be working with independent consultants to get the views of individual levy industries on what you want from the SIP for your levy industry. Don’t forget to check back here for regular updates, or better yet, register your interest to receive timely alerts about your industry’s SIP.

What is a SIP?

A Strategic Investment Plan – or SIP – is the roadmap that helps guide Hort Innovation’s oversight and management of individual levy industry investment programs. The SIP lays the foundation for decision making in levy investments and represents the balanced interest of the particular industry that levy is collected from. The very important function of the SIP is to make sure that levy investment decisions align with industry priorities. The SIP is used to guide the Strategic Investment Advisory Panels (SIAPs) and assist Hort Innovation prioritise and implement the specific industry levy R&D and marketing programs. SIPs currently exist for most industries but these will be updated or replaced. You can read your industry’s current SIP here on Hort Innovation’s website at the Strategic Investment Plans page.


Become involved

The planning process for the development and review of each levy industry’s SIP is open to everyone who participates in the Australian horticulture industry. In particular, Hort Innovation wants to hear from growers, but will be consulting widely with the whole supply chain and Industry Representative Bodies.

To become involved in the SIP development process for your industry, please register your interest below. By registering you are agreeing to, and will receive, alerts from Hort Innovation on when and how we would like to collect your feedback.

A range of options for becoming involved will be made available depending on your industry’s size, geographical spread, diversity of growers and the nature of supply chains, including export potential and intensity.

The proposed methods of consultation will depend on the industry needs and may include:

  • Levy payer workshops organised by Hort Innovation with industry
  • Sponsorship, attendance and presentations at industry conferences
  • Opportunities to submit feedback through the website
  • Workshops with relevant researchers
  • Opportunities to provide comment on the draft plans before they are finalised.

Currently, the development status of the SIPs differs between industries. The final draft of each industry’s SIP will be available on the relevant ‘Grower page‘ for viewing. Feedback is encouraged, and can be provided by using the form. When the final draft of each SIP becomes available, a Grower Intel will be sent to relevant industry members and stakeholders.

Upcoming SIP events

Events for industries are in progress. A list of events will be published as they are confirmed on each industry page at the ‘For growers‘ section of this website.

Become involved in your industry’s SIP  Register your interest

Completed meetings

The following stakeholder consultation meetings have been completed.

Industry Location  Date
Almond Melbourne, VIC November 7, 2016
Almond Melbourne, VIC November 8, 2016
Apple and Pear Orange and Batlow, NSW August 22 and 23, 2016
Apple and Pear Perth Hills, Donnybrook, Manjimup, WA July 25 and 26, 2016
Apple and Pear Northern & Southern Loop, VIC August 30 and 31, 2016
Apple and Pear Tasmania August 3 and 4, 2016
Apple and Pear Teleconference November 16, 2016
Apple and PearCherry Adelaide Hills, SA  July 29, 2016
Apple and PearSummerfruit Stanthorpe, QLD July 21, 2016
Avocado Mareeba, QLD September 16, 2016
Cherry Manjimup, WA July 26, 2016
Cherry Launceston, TAS August 3, 2016
Cherry Yarra Valley, VIC August 8, 2016
Cherry Orange | Young, NSW August 22 and 23, 2016
Chestnut Launceston, TAS September 2, 2016
Chestnut National October 28, 2016
Citrus Leeton, NSW September 13 and 14, 2016
Citrus Swan Valley, WA October 11, 2016
Citrus Griffith, NSW November 15, 2016
Citrus Sunraysia, VIC December 8, 2016
Citrus Riverland, SA December 9, 2016
Citrus Gayndah, Qld December 16, 2016
Dried Grape Mildura, VIC August 1, 2016
Dried Grape Mildura, VIC August 1, 2016
Prune Griffith, NSW September 13, 2016
Prune Griffith, NSW December 13, 2016
Macadamia Caloundra, QLD October 18 and 19, 2016
Macadamia Bundaberg, QLD October 5 and 6, 2016
Nursery Sydney, NSW September 28, 2016
Nursery Sydney, NSW November 8, 2016
Olive Melbourne, VIC August 11, 2016
Onion Woloongabba, QLD September 29, 2016
Passionfruit Bundaberg, QLD September 23, 2016
Potato – processing Melbourne, VIC October 12, 2016
Potato – processing Melbourne, VIC September 1, 2016
Strawberry Caboolture, Qld August 25, 2016
Summerfruit Perth Hills , WA July 25, 2016
Table Grape St George, Qld September 28, 2016
Table Grape Emerald, Qld September 29, 2016
Table Grape Mildura, VIC October 3, 2016
Table Grape Mildura, VIC October 4, 2016
Table Grape Melbourne, VIC October 5, 2016
Table Grape Carnarvon WA October 12, 2016
Table Grape Swan Valley, WA October 13, 2016
Turf Brisbane, QLD July 27, 2016
Vegetable Cranbourne, VIC October 17, 2016
Vegetable VIC – Swan Hill October 18, 2016
Vegetable SA – North Adelaide October 24, 2016
Vegetable TAS – Devonport October 27, 2016
Vegetable TAS – Hobart October 28, 2016
Vegetable Barst, NSW November 2, 2016
Vegetable Cowra, NSW November 4, 2016
Vegetable Katherine NT November 7, 2016
Vegetable Darwin NT November 8, 2016
Vegetable Kununurra NT November 9, 2016
Vegetable Carnarvon NT November 11, 2016
Vegetable Wanneroo, WA November 14, 2016
Vegetable Manjimup, WA November 15, 2016
Vegetable Nyalup, WA November 16, 2016
Vegetable Sydney, NSW November 23, 2016


Hort Innovation’s role in the SIP

Hort Innovation has a role in facilitating a robust, consultative process to make sure the direction for investment is balanced on the basis of future needs, while reflecting and building upon the investments of the past. In creating a space where growers can participate, ideas from stakeholders will be heard, balanced against others views and tested to help get the direction right for that industry.


Do you have a question?

If you are still unsure about any topic, you can send Hort Innovation’s Communications team an email and the Relationship Manager relevant to your industry will get in contact with you. Don’t forget to clearly state your questions. Please save all of your comments for the formal consultation forum.

Levy Payer Workshop outcomes

Hort Innovation recently held Levy Payer Workshops to assist with the development of the company’s Strategic Plan, setting the strategy to 2018.

The purpose of the workshops were to consult with levy payers, the Australian Government and other horticulture stakeholders to shape the company’s strategy.

Find more information by reading Levy Payer Consultation on Hort Innovation Strategic Plan.

Download a PDF of the workshop presentation: Levy Payer Workshop presentation.

Download the Levy Payer Workshop outcomes, listed here alphabetically.