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Recently completed R&D projects

Read about some of the recently completed projects for the avocado industry.
If you would like to order a Final Report, please note the project code and make you order using the Final Report order form.


Australian avocado benchmarking program development rounds II & III

Project Code: AV13003

Status: Completed project

Read more at Hortlink Spring

This was a continuation of the original Australian avocado benchmarking program development project. Its goal was to further the development of an industry database and benchmarking process to enable growers to identify and strive for Australian best practice in production, packing and marketing of avocados.

It involved the collection of data from 82 individual grower businesses over four consecutive financial years, the analysis of this data in each of the four years, the provision of individual personalised reports to participating growers each year, and the dissemination of aggregated high-level project findings to the industry at large.

Full details can be found in the project’s final report, which is available to order at Hort Innovation’s Final Report order form  (final reports are free to Australian horticulture levy payers, registered Hort Innovation members and industry representative bodies).

New and ongoing R&D projects

Read about some of the new and ongoing projects for the avocado industry. The latest updates for these can be found at Hortlink Spring.

Supply chain quality improvement – technologies and practices to reduce bruising

Project Code: AV15009

Status: New project

Read more at Hortlink Spring

This project is set to tackle the key issue of avocado bruising at the end of the supply chain, at both the retail and household level, where previous research suggests the majority of bruising occurs.

Data management and quality innovation extension program
Other R&D projects of note

Current marketing activity

Information on current marketing activity can be found on the avocado page at Hortlink Spring.

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Strategic Investment Advisory Panel


The Strategic Investment Advisory Panel for the avocado industry has been appointed. For further information, please refer to the media release and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Panel members

Name Organisation Location

SIAP meetings and summaries

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Find details on the Strategic Investment Plan at the bottom of this page.

Financial statements and summaries of project expenditure

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Contacts at Hort Innovation

Astrid Hughes
Relationship Manager

T 07 3198 6751
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Claire Tindale-Penning
Marketing Manager

T 02 8295 2311
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Industry representative body: Avocados Austrlaia

PO Box 8005
Woolloongabba, QLD 4102
T 07 3846 6566
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Strategic Investment Planning process for the avocado industry is in progress

Your industry Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) lays the foundation for decision making in levy investments and represents a balanced view of stakeholders in your industry. If you’d like to read more about the SIP process, visit the SIP Portal.

See below for the completed consultation events and agendas on the avocado SIP.

Completed consultation events

Industry Location Timing
Avocado Brisbane, QLD October 20, 2016
Avocado Brisbane, QLD December 12, 2016