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New, ongoing and recently completed projects

Recently completed R&D projects

Read about some of the recently completed projects for the banana industry.
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The Australian banana industry communications program

Project Code: BA15003

Status: Communications project for the banana industry (BA13003) is now a completed project, being continued by new project The Australian banana industry communications program (BA15005)

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The former project did – and the new project will continue to – keep Australian banana growers and other industry stakeholders informed about key industry issues and the latest R&D updates in a timely way. Among other aims, the ultimate goal of both projects has been, and will be, to assist growers in making production decisions, and to build industry capacity, productivity and profitability.

New and ongoing R&D projects

Read about some of the new and ongoing projects for the banana industry. The latest updates for these can be found at Hortlink Spring.

Banana Plant Protection Program

Project Code: BA10020

Status: Extended project, due for completion at the end of 2016

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This project brings together a range of research activities and organisations in a program approach for a longer-term focus on banana plant health.

Communications project for the banana industry
Coordination of banana industry research and development (Panama TR4)
Fusarium wilt Tropical Race 4 – biosecurity and sustainable solutions
Scoping herbicide impacts on banana production and soil health
Integrated management of Yellow Sigatoka
Cause and management of crown rot of banana
Other R&D projects of note

Current marketing activity

Information on current marketing activity can be found on the banana page at Hortlink Spring.

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Strategic Investment Advisory Panel


The Strategic Investment Advisory Panel for the banana industry has been appointed. For further information, please refer to the media release and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Panel members

Name Organisation Location

SIAP meetings and summaries

Meeting Number Date Location Summary

^Panel members have been recruited for strategic research advisory purposes only. *Panel members have been recruited for strategic marketing advisory purposes only.

Find details on the Strategic Investment Plan at the bottom of this page.

Financial statements and summaries of project expenditure

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Contacts at Hort Innovation

Astrid Hughes
Relationship Manager

T 07 3198 6751
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Elisa King
Marketing Manager

T 02 8295 2332
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Industry representative body: Australian Banana Growers’ Council

Unit 3, South Gate East Commercial Centre
250 Sherwood Road
Rocklea, Queensland 4106
T 07 3278 4786
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Strategic Investment Planning process for the banana industry is in progress

Your industry Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) lays the foundation for decision making in levy investments and represents a balanced view of stakeholders in your industry. If you’d like to read more about the SIP process, visit the SIP Portal.

See below for the completed consultation events and agendas on the banana SIP.

Completed consultation workshops

Industry Location Timing
Banana Brisbane, QLD May 6, 2016
Banana Cairns, QLD May 11, 2016
Banana Teleconference June 30, 2016
Banana Cairns, QLD October 31, 2016
Banana Cairns, QLD November 1, 2016
Banana Teleconference November 7, 2016