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Becoming a member gives you:

  • Relationship Manager – access to your industry’s Relationship Manager
  • Hortlink – a quarterly update on every levy fund investment
  • Grower Intel – specific industry news and information that is for you and about your levy fund investment
  • Growing Innovation – our e-newsletter about horticulture news and articles with the latest cross-sectoral updates and media exposure
  • Events – direct invitations to participate in industry events, as well as Hort Innovation consultations and forums that help you stay connected to the company, the research and each other
  • Networking – member specific events where you can meet with other likeminded-growers, the team behind Hort Innovation and hear about the lasted investments in R&D and marketing from experts
  • Voting – levy payers can have a say at the Annual General Meeting by registering for voting entitlements – decisions about the company are made via this mechanism; every vote counts.

Please remember paying a levy does not automatically make you a member of Hort Innovation. You can sign up by using this simple application form now.

If you have any questions about membership or require assistance with completing the form below, please contact us using our enquiry form or phone us on 1300 880 981.

Membership is not available to peak industry bodies and industry representative bodies however, you are encouraged to register as a stakeholder or register for Growing Innovation with notifications of Hort Innovation’s latest news and events.

Delivery partners (service providers) should contact Member Services on 1300 880 981 to investigate their eligibility to become a member.